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Chief Statistician:  Mr. Lennox Benjamin
(592)225-6150 / (592)227-1155

Deputy Chief Statistician:  Ms. Maxine Bentt
(592)225-9070 / (592)2271155

Deputy Chief Statistician:  Mr. Ian Manifold
(592)225-9063 / (592)227-0480

The Bureau of Statistics comprises seven (7) departments namely; Demography, Social & Vital Statistics (Demography), Surveys, External Trade & Prices, Information System, National Accounts, Human Resource, Finance & Administration and Poverty Measurement and Analysis.

The Cartography Unit currently sits within the Demography Department.

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Demography Department Surveys Department External Trade Information Systems Department

Cartography Unit National Accounts Department Prices Section Human Resource, Finance & Administration Department

Organisational Chart

This is a general organisational structure of the Bureau of Statistics.

Bureau of Statistics - Organisational Chart

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Stats at a Glance Brochure

Guyana at a Glance

Population 746,955  (Census 2012)
Size 214,970 square km
Location Between 1o & 9o  North Latitude and 57o & 61o West Longitude
Time Zone GMT - 04:00
Currency Guyana Dollar (G$)
Per capita GDP 2016 at basic prices US$3,883.00
Nominal GDP 2016 G$723,581  million
Real GDP 2016 G$442,254  million
Inflation Rate

Dec '18 - Jul. '19:

Average Exchange Rate (Mid Rate)

Apr '19:   
to US $1
May '19:   
to US $1
Jun '19:   
to US $1

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