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Social Statistics Project

Guyana's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) was completed in the mid-2002 and presented to the Board of Directors of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in October 2002. It was from this acceptance of the PRSP by the Board that this 3-year Project was born. To effect this Project, Government entered into a Loan Agreement with the IDB.

The objectives of the project are to improve and sustain the capacity of Guyana (through it's Central Bureau of Statistics and overall statistical system) to generate social and economic data, to undertake evidence-based policy analysis and to monitor the Poverty Reduction Strategy implementation and impact. The Project has therefore been designed in two (2) basic components, which are:

Institutional Strengthening of the Bureau of Statistics

Upgrading of Data Management and Analysis in Social Sector Line Ministries


Component 1: Provides for the recruitment of an International Statistical Agency to undertake an Organizational Assessment, prepare a Strategic Plan for Development and manage and deliver the work of all individual consultants. This component also includes the re-tooling of the Bureau, through acquisition and installation of hardware and software. Training obviously plays a central role in all subject-matter areas. In the concept document, the Statistical Agency was required to provide a Resident Statistical Advisor. The international statistical agency recruited was the US Census Bureau.

Component 2: Provides for the delivery of Technical Assistance to the Line Ministries to improve their data collection and management methods and train staff to equip them with the requisite skills. The Line Ministries/Agencies involved are:


Home Affairs


Housing and Water

Labour, Human Services & Social Security

Guyana Water Inc.

Central Planning and Housing Authority

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Guyana at a Glance

Population 746,955  (Census 2012)
Size 214,970 square km
Location Between 1o & 9o  North Latitude and 57o & 61o West Longitude
Time Zone GMT - 04:00
Currency Guyana Dollar (G$)
Per capita GDP 2016 at basic prices US$3,883.00
Nominal GDP 2016 G$723,581  million
Real GDP 2016 G$442,254  million
Inflation Rate

Dec'18 - Apr.'19:

Average Exchange Rate (Mid Rate)

Feb '19:   
to US $1
Mar '19:   
to US $1
Apr '19:   
to US $1

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