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This department is responsible for the execution of surveys and its activities involve the following:
Design of surveys including the drawing of samples of respondents for surveys.
Construction of the data collection instruments for surveys (mainly questionnaires).
Training of field and office staff to execute specific surveys.
Execution of field work such as locating the respondents and seeking responses to the questions on questionnaires.
Coding / editing of collected data.
Monitoring of data entry activities and generating tables from raw data for analysis.
Analysis of survey data.
Writing and disseminating survey reports.

Past Surveys

The 2002 Population and Housing Census.
Child Labour Survey in Parika - A Baseline Study on the worst forms of child labour in Parika, Guyana (2004) was executed between September and December 2004. Its main objective was to determine the number and profile of children involved in the worst forms of child labour activities in Parika and its environs. The survey was fully funded by the International Labour Organisation(ILO).
Raising the Profile of Disability in Guyana Survey - A survey of 1,500 persons with disabilities was conducted by the National Commission on Disability (NCD) in 2005 in regions 4, 6, 7 and 9.

Demography & Health Survey (DHS) - The Ministry of Health, supported by the Bureau of Statistics, executed a nationwide Demographic and Health Survey during the period January to March of 2009. This survey was funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) The objectives of this project were to collect data related to: 1. Family, maternal and child health in Guyana 2. Demographic and other health issues associated with services, knowledge and behavior among women and men in Guyana. The population under study for the Guyana DHS were children, women and men who are living in private households more.

National Economic Survey - Field work and data processing has been completed.

Visitor Exit Survey (CARIFESTA) - This survey was carried out during the Carifesta X season; from the 22nd - 31st August 2008. It's focused was to evaluate the impact of visitors to Guyana.

Recent Surveys

Consumer Price Index - A new basket was compiled based on the 2005-2006 Household & Budget Survey (HBS) which parimarily focused on monitoring changes in prices. In introducing this new basket and CPI series from Janurary 2010. The compilation of the CPI is done monthly. more.

Needs Assessment of of Emergency Obstetric and Newborn Care (EmONC) - The Ministry of Health, supported by the Bureau of Statistics, has executed a nationwide EmONC Survey during the period January to March of 2010. This survey was funded by the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA).

The overall objectives of this assessment were to:
Provide evidence for a baseline useful in realizing the Road Map for Accelerating the Attainment of MDG 4 & 5

Guide policy, planning and prioritization to strengthen the health system.

2012 Population & Housing Census - The Census was conducted in all ten (10) Administrative Regions of Guyana. more.
2014 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS 5) - Guyana has completed the MICS5 field operation in all ten (10) Administrative Regions. more.
STEPwise Approach Population Based Survey (STEPS) - The Ministry of Public Health, in collaboration with the Bureau of Statistics, will be conducting a STEPwise Approach Population Based Survey from July to October 2016 in its efforts to combat NCDs. STEPS Implementation (PDF Version 453 KB)

Current Surveys

Visitor Exit Survey - The Visitor Exit Survey (VES) is currently in progress at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (Timehri) and Ogle Airport to evaluate the impact of visitors to Guyana.

Guyana Labour Force Survey (GLFS) - The Bureau of Statistics garnered financial support from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and technical support from Sistemas Integrales Ltd. and the International Labour Organization (ILO) to make this activity a reality since there was no such survey, prior to July 2017 in Guyana.

Download here GLFS 2018 Micro dataset available (3.7MB)
Download here GLFS 2017 Micro dataset available (1.9KB)

GLFS Bulletin 2018 (PDF Version 1.6 KB)

GLFS 2017 Fourth Quarter (PDF Version 1.2 MB)

GLFS 2017 Third Quarter (PDF Version 1.8 MB)

NCN Live stream of GLFS

The GLFS Household Questionnaire(PDF Version 59.3 KB)

The GLFS Inidividual Questionnaire (PDF Version 135 KB)

2019 Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS 6) - The Bureau of Statisics in collaboration with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has undertaken to conduct the Guyana Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2019 (MICS). more.


Census 2012 Household (PDF Version 18.6 MB)
Individual PDF Version 17.2 MB)

Census 2002 Household (PDF Version 2.1 MB)
Individual PDF Version 3.3 MB)

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Population 746,955  (Census 2012)
Size 214,970 square km
Location Between 1o & 9o  North Latitude and 57o & 61o West Longitude
Time Zone GMT - 04:00
Currency Guyana Dollar (G$)
Per capita GDP 2016 at basic prices US$3,883.00
Nominal GDP 2016 G$723,581  million
Real GDP 2016 G$442,254  million
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