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Your Feedback is Very Important

The Bureau of Statistics of Guyana is committed to serving its clients in a prompt, reliable, courteous and fair manner.

You are welcome to visit our office anytime during working hours:
Mon – Thurs: 8:00 hrs to 16:30 hrs
Fri: 8:00 hrs to 15:30 hrs 

34 Main & Hope Streets
South Cummingsburg
Georgetown, Guyana

+(592) 227 1155
+(592) 226 0982
+(592) 227 0835

Census Hotlines

+(592) 701 8700

+(592) 701 8701


Feedback Form

Please use the form on this page to send us your comments or feedback on your experience with the census takers or if you have not been enumerated as yet.  Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. (Remember, Census Night was September 15, 2022)

  • Please make sure to use a valid e-mail address, as the Bureau often encounters problems with incomplete addresses, incorrect addresses and mails returned from full mailboxes.
  • Ensure you check with the head of your household to determine if your household was enumerated.
  • All questions asked will be in reference to census night.
  • Remember to leave your contact information so we can ensure that you are counted.

Click here to access: Census Feedback Form