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Privacy Notice


Confidentiality is one of the hallmarks of the operation of the Bureau of Statistics, Guyana (BoSG) and to date there has been no breach of confidentiality in its numerous years of operation. There are severe penalties under the Laws of Guyana for breaches of confidentiality. BoSG cannot therefore divulge information about suppliers of its data to anyone.

The Bureau of Statistics has an excellent reputation for maintaining the integrity and availability of its data. All BoSG Information systems are protected against unauthorised disclosure, modification or destruction, whether intentional or unintentional.

Our Legal Obligations

There are a variety of legislative instruments, regulations and codes of practice regulating the work of the Bureau of Statistics, Guyana. The one which applies to all data and systems under which we all have responsibilities is the Statistics Act 1965.

Statistics Act 1965

The Bureau of Statistics, Guyana and its staff are bound by law to ensure the confidentiality of information collected under the Statistics Act (Statistics Act 1965). This Act gives protection to personal data, relating to living individuals, held in certain types of manual files as well as those processed by computer.