Enumeration District (ED)
At the Bureau of Statistics, an Enumeration District (ED) is a geographic area assigned to an individual enumerator, usually representing a specific portion of a village or locality.
The coverage area of a single Enumeration District, as defined by Bureau of Statistics, is the area for which an enumerator could complete a survey field work within the allotted time for that particular survey or census. The concept of an ED is for the purpose of the Bureau’s field work only and not used for analysis or publication of survey or census results.
An ED normally consists of about 100 households, and this is designed with the field staff workload in mind. In some interior location, an ED may consist of less than 100 households because of the vast distance between household, while in the coastal areas, the ED may consist of slightly over 100 households because of the close proximity of the households.
Each ED is assigned a unique number and an ED map is used to identify the boundaries of the enumeration district.

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