External Trade

External Trade includes all merchandise trade data (trade in goods) from various sources to produce and disseminate merchandise trade statistics of the economy, of which the two main types are the quantity and value of exports and imports.

Data is obtained exclusively from the Guyana Revenue Authority Customs Department and other import/export agencies.

System of Trade: “Imports” are the totals of all imports cleared through customs for the local economy while “Exports” are the exports of domestic producers, and include the re-exports of imported goods which had previously been cleared through customs for the local economy.

Quantities and Values: All quantities and values are based on the declaration of importers and exporters, and are subject to verification by customs officials. Values are shown in Guyana Dollars (G$). Imports are valued C.I.F. (cost, insurance and freight) and exports of domestic and foreign goods are valued F.O.B. (free on board).

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