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Consumer Price Index, Georgetown, Guyana: July ,2023

Georgetown Consumer Price Index –June / July


The Georgetown Consumer Price Index (CPI) at the end of July 2023 was 137.32 compared to 136.26 at the end of June 2023, representing an inflation of 0.8 percent.

The food category, which is the heaviest weighted category in the consumer basket of food and services, was the main driver of the monthly increase in all items, with an overall increase of 1.6 percent at the end of July 2023, when compared to the previous month.

The rise in prices for food was accounted for by higher prices in sub-categories condiments and spices (8.9 percent), Vegetables & Vegetable Products (5.9 percent), Meat, Fish & Eggs (1.3 percent), Cereals & Cereal Products (0.8 percent), Milk and Milk Products (0.3 percent), Non-alcoholic Beverages (0.1 percent), Prepared Meals & Refreshments (0.1 percent). This overall price increase in the food category was offset by prices in the Fruit and Fruit Products (-1.4 percent), Sugar, Honey & Related Products (-1.0 percent), Alcoholic Beverages & Intoxicants (-0.9 percent) and Pulses & Pulse Products (-0.1 percent) subcategories.

Additionally, increases were also observed in subcategories Medical & Personal Care (1.7 percent), Goods for Personal Care (0.3 percent), Purchased Transport Services (0.3 percent) while decreases were observed within Glassware, Tableware (-0.2 percent), Fuel & Power (-0.1 percent), Cleaning Materials (-0.1 percent), Operation/Personal Transport (-0.1 percent) subcategories.

Over the last 12 months, the CPI increased by 1.2 percent on account of increases in the food (3.2 percent), miscellaneous goods and services (2.7 percent), furniture (0.9 percent), footwear and repairs (0.4 percent), clothing (0.3 percent) and Medical Care and Health Services (0.3 percent) categories

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